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The range of expertise I offer is:

Music and media-related interviews
Sleeve-notes and reviews on CDs and DVDs
Lyrics, film subtitles and other art-related translation
Consultation on music, manga, animé and tokusatsu

I work freelance.

Contact: mail@adonismilk.com 

Below is a selected list of work I have done:

Interviews include:

Vivienne Westwood
Alexander McQueen
Stella McCartney
Sir Paul McCartney
Stephen Jones
Gloria Gaynor
Will Young
k. d. lang
Elkie Brooks
Darren Hayes (Savage Garden)
Patrick Wolf
Natasha Bedingfield
Alizée (in French)
Sir Simon Rattle
Tom McRae
Hussein Chalayan
Michael Nyman
Notre Dame de Paris, The Musical (Dean Collinson and Alexis James)
Antonio Berardi
Abs (from 5ive)
Brian Harvey (from East17)
Vanessa Mae
David Groves
Venus Hum
The Orient Express Staff (in French)

Magazines in which my interviews and articles have been published include:

Marie Claire Japon
Strange Days
Idol Bible(now called “M+”)
Mostly Classic
Classic 21

Sleeve-notes in and lyrics translations into Japanese include:

Dave Gilmour
Annie Lennox
Gloria Gaynor
Darren Hayes
Savage Garden

Consulting, research and facilitating for companies/magazines include:

Toshiba-EMI (now EMI Music International Japan)
Discovery Channel
Marie Claire Japan
Croissant Premium

Miscellaneous translation works include 

Salvatore Ferragamo Autobiography (フェラガモ自伝)
Rough draft translation English into Japanese (日本語版 下訳)
Anime: O.V.A. “勇者王ガオガイガー ファイナル (Yuusha-Oh GaoGaiGar Final)”  
Subtitling for episodes 7 and 8 (For fan site. Unpaid)


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