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“Because please don’t weep”?

Someone my mother is acquainted with sent her this. Nice flower, the vase reads:

Engrish flowerpot

“The Art of Flower

Side by Side,

I’ll be your forever.

Because please don’t weep.”


After reading this, who wouldn’t weep?


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Going Out

“Please do not go out with having left me in a house
If I am here can you go out with you?
I am unpleasant.
I hate it having left.”

Where does one begin? This is THE prime example of Japanglish. I spotted this on a shopping bag I saw on a train in Tokyo, with a photo of a puppy next to it. I did have my digicam on me when I saw this, but the person who was carrying the bag was one of those dodgy semi-yakuza types so I didn't dare to ask.


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