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“Whose”  “Agendas”

I’ve been “studenting” again since last February. I might write more about that later but for now, I must get this off my chest. One of the lecturers wrote on the slides:

“Who’s a leader? Whose a manager?”

Do I have to call someone who does this and thinks nothing of it, let alone show it to a roomful of students, a lecturer? I’m supposed to have some kind of respect for this illiterate imbecile? (NOT to mention his ghastly attire we were all subjected to; the word COMMON doesn’t even begin to describe it. That whole bike-gear, bulge-showing awfulness really was offensive.)

If this man really didn’t know the difference between “who’s” and “whose” then I might perhaps be able to find it in my heart to forgive him for being an idiot as long as he wasn’t teaching but, since he’s written both “who’s” and “whose” right next to each other, I must conclude that he is both indifferent to the correct use of grammar and ignorant of the difference between the two, and doesn’t care. THAT, I really cannot tolerate.

I very nearly gasped aloud when I saw this being projected on to the wall. I really lament the fact that some (and I will say this one more time) illiterate imbecile who writes this and obviously thinks nothing of it is being allowed to pass as a lecturer at university. Have we really come to this?

Don’t ever go telling us students to “check spelling and grammar before submitting essays” if you allow your teaching staff to do this.

Later on that day, elsewhere on the campus, I spotted written on a white board;


The scary thing this suggests is that there must be probably more than one illiterate teaching staff member working there.

Look, “agenda” is already plural. Even I know that.

To think I have to be taught and be examined by such imbeciles …

BY GOD, I may not suffer fools but I do suffer from them.





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