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Much too often do I come across some severely incorrect and incomprehensible uses of English by the Japanese. It's sometimes referred to as "Engrish".

This section not only tackles the horrors of translation, but addresses my broader interest in languages as well.

Now that the mailing function is up and running, I have started taking questions for this section. 


お便りはこちらへ: mail@adonismilk.com


The free sprinkling of punctuation marks

Nowadays, people increasingly seem to think that punctuation marks are something they can sprinkle around randomly, anywhere they please. WRONG. A couple of examples are below:


I’ve lost count of how many emails and letters I received that had this written in them. Tut!

Oh, one of the more spectacular ones is


Someone on my messenger list currently has their handle starting with this. It drives me up the wall every time I see it.

Those who would do this kind of thing and think nothing of it may claim that these things are not important, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Details are everything.

Among other things, this sort of indifference to and disregard for the correct use of the language is a manifestation of the writers’ insensitivity and, I dare say, idiocy.

It’s not like I’m demanding they speak a foreign language perfectly :p, nor am I claiming my English is perfect, but I can truthfully say that I speak and write it with care and attention.

Words are the breaths we take.



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