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My absolute favourite teddy bear bag

My teddybear bag

Have you ever walked past a shop window and felt as if something in there was “calling” you? It’s as if it was made for you and meant to be yours and it’s been waiting for you; and when you finally touch it, it feels so familiar that it just fits.

Such a feeling overcame me the day I went to see a famous temple in down town Tokyo three summers ago.

I shouldn’t need to say this again but I shall say it one more time: I LOVE TEDDYBEARS :D Anyone who knows me would tell you that it’s true. lol. Starting with the limited edition set of 100-odd Christmas teddy bear collection from Harrods, through my absolute favourite purple teddy, to the one who is floating on the moon on this site, I think I have more than 120 of them. And each and every one of them is precious to me.

It’s actually quite rare to find a piece of clothing or an accessory which has this many bears on it.  And that’s why I had to have this bag when it “called” me (and I still managed to haggle a bit for it).

When I saw this bag, all it mattered was the fact it was BEARS, but since I started using it, I came to appreciate how well-made it is; it’s got an outside pocket with a zip which is very handy. It has a detachable keyring, and it even has a security hook.

In fact I like it so much, sometimes I carry it on my shoulder in the house for a bit ;)

Things are not made to last any more. I still find it offensive that many electrical goods which cost £££ aren’t even made to last beyond 5 years. My Sennheiser headphones, which were merely 3yrs. old, died on me the other day and, when I went to my local hi-fi shop to get new ones, I was told, “3 years? You did well.”  Bollocks to that.

Well, not this bear bag. These bears are made with love and care.



Shop site: http://www.shop-yamatoya.com/shopbrand/049/P













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