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My Purple Tea Pot Saga

As you may have noticed from looking at this site, my absolute favourite colour is purple.

I had a lovely little, just-enough-for-one sized (i.e. 2 cups and a bit), purple tea pot, and I used it lovingly for years until it suddenly died its final death sometime last year: the handle came off it and I seriously considered using super-glue and persist on using it, but even I could see that would be futile :(

Ever since then I have been in search of a purple pot, but as any admirer of anything purple should know, a purple anything of the right shade is nearly impossible to chance upon. Even when you find something suitable in the right colour, the size may be wrong or vice versa.  

I had already given up any hopes of finding one by then but as I was promenading along a high street near my parents’ one Sunday afternoon while I was back in Tokyo last month, I happened to walk past a little shop, and in its window I spotted this purple pot (pictured below) as if to say, “Hello, I’m here.”

We intuitive shoppers call it, “being called” lol.

The shop has just been (drastically) refurbished. According to their site, they have been going since 1653, no less. They specialise in green teas. The new look has a genteel “south of France” feel to it, which you wouldn’t fail to spot even from the outside.

The only prob then, when I was “called” by the glorious purple pot in their window (which was nicely lit and decorated) was that the shop was SHUT and there were wretched shutter-bars separating me from the pot. Grrr.

Shops in Japan are open on Sundays, and they always have been. If you think about when most people who 9to5 or those still at school would have time to shop, this makes sense. Some shops even open longer at weekends.

And yet, this shop was shut. On a Sunday. How dare they! I have to confess here: I rattled the cage, I mean, shutters in sheer frustration (and on the off-chance that someone might be in and may hear me), but answer came there none.

Rather disenchanted, I went home and bitched about the whole thing to mother. She said that that shop had just been re-done so it was highly unlikely that they had closed down so soon after, so I should try again the next day.

It’s no secret that I don’t do mornings unless there is a very good reason and THIS was one. I shot off the bed the next morning as soon as the alarm went off and found that it was raining steadily out, but that wasn’t going to come between me and what was to be my new purple pot.

When back in Tokyo, I use a white tea pot which has roughly the same capacity as my old purple one. I put that in a plastic bubble wrap the night before, so I could take it to the shop and compare sizes with the one in their window. I threw on some clothes and off I went into the rain, walking at a quickened pace to the shop, desperately hoping it would be open and the pot would still be there…

And yep, it was open. There were some inviting lights on inside and the pot still in the window. Yay :) So into the shop I went and asked an old lady, who was at the counter, if I could have the purple pot in the window. Of course, what I really wanted to do was to exclaim: “THAT PURPLE! POT! MINE! GIVE IT TO ME!” but then I’m too well-brought-up to do that so I asked politely instead.

The old lady was courteous and rang their intercom for her assistant to ask him if he could bring a non-displayed one of the purple pot out.

The young assistant whose name is Shige-chan, if I my memory serves me right, appeared in a matter of seconds and asked me if what he had brought out was the right thing: it indeed was.

This purple pot, to me, is exactly the right tint of purple and the size is spot-on too.

purple pot

This is the new pot. It originally comes with a flat silver lid
but it smacks desperately of canteen tea pots.
Luckily I kept the lid of the late pot, so I’m using that instead.
More colours of the pot with their original silver lids here.


The nice old lady even served me a very nice complementary cup of green tea while her said-colleague was wrapping the pot for me and I told them how long I had been yearning, longing, and looking for a pot like this. I even told them that I normally live abroad and that I would be taking the pot all the way back to London.

Anyway, there we have it, a very happy ending to my tea-pot saga. “Yay だぜ” to coin a phrase.

Perhaps I should get a spare one next time…

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