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I was back in Tokyo just in time to catch the cherry-blossom.  They say that the cherry petals are becoming more pale-white each year than the pink that they used to be and should be. Not sure if this is another sign of global warming but it is certainly sad to see.

Here are some photos of sakura I took at various different locations in Tokyo:

sakura at night

From near where my parents used to live



sakura Tokyo street

Near my parents’ new neighbourhood



cherry blossom at Budokan moat

crowds outside Budokan

This is near the (in-)famous Yasukuni Shrine. A lesson I learned that day was this: you should never ever go to a well-known spot for cherry blossom watching while the trees are in full bloom, ‘cos you just end up watching the crowds more than anything else. It was absolutely packed. What really doesn’t help nowadays is that most people spend more time trying to photograph themselves on their mobiles and digicams on the spot rather than actually watching the blossom, and they don’t move along. What makes it even worse is, unlike with the old-fashioned cameras, with digital you can check what you just took and re-take it if you so desire. In other words, GET A MOVE ON!


Due to popular demand, here are a few more sakura photos:

more cherry blossom

sakura by the canal

street blossoms


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