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Aso meets Obama

BBC News link

Oh, dear. How embarrassing. First off, the President doesn’t even remember the PM’s name, does he? NOT that I blame the President for it; politicians of their stature should possess some degree of personality, surely? Well, that Aso person clearly doesn’t, so why would/should anyone remember his name?

Btw, doesn’t the name “Aso” spell dangerously close to “arse”? It's also one letter different to "aho" which means "an idiot" in Japanese. :p

As for (what’s there of) Aso’s “English,” again;- embarrassing. If you can’t even manage to reach the full-stop, DON’T BOTHER.

I said this elsewhere on this site but here is what my former English teacher said:

“If you learn a new language late in your life, what counts is how solid you are in your mother tongue.”

This is ever-more true in this case.

As we all know, Aso’s Japanese isn’t that solid. Alas!






♪Let it snow!



Here are some photos from two Sundays ago when it snowed heavily in the whole of the U.K., and it was no exception here in London.

London snow as it was falling

London snow - the aftermath

London snow - white house, white roof




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