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This is where I let rip on what I think or how I feel about things. Random it may well be at times, but this is my train of thought. Welcome aboard :)



Kazuhiko Kato

A highly influential and profoundly talented Japanese musican called Kazuhiko Kato passed away. He hanged himself as a result of depression.

Obituary from Japan Today

Among other things, he was the producer of the "Samarkand Blue" album. As I mentioned elsewhere on this site, I really love that album and I have been listening to it almost daily since I first came across it more than one and a half years ago.

His music, whether he worked on it as a singer, writer or a producer, had a uniquely understated sensitivity and intrinsic sadness to it.

Here is a link to one of the songs he composed and sang in the late 80's; I have always liked this little album track, but it has a particular resonance for me tonight:


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